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Whether you left your job, your job left you or you sense a transition in the near future, 
From Unemployed to Unstoppable: A 30-Day Transformation Guide will help you make sense of career confusion and chaos.


Ever said, “there has to be something more for me in life than this?” If so, start the 30-day journey today to find what more really is.


I wrote this book to provide readers with an accessible process based on actual workforce development and career coaching experience. I hope this approach helps individuals at every phase of their career exploration journey tackle transition anxiety and discover joy.
Daily exercises keep procrastinators and those easily distracted plugged into a month-long system that produces results!

We just premiered our new movie "Stolen Crowns"! This gripping dramatic short reveals the gut-wrenchingly complex path of a domestic violence victim as she struggles to survive in a world where bruises can easily be dismissed.

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