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Rudy’s Girl Media is a multimedia company based in Martinsville, Virginia with a diverse catalog of film, television, and web and print projects.

Here are a few recent projects we've completed.

Hometown Hustle

Web Series

Following the journey of fearless entrepreneurs who voraciously dare to dream a different dream in southcentral Virginia and who are not afraid to risk it all to make it happen.

"Small, rural communities are often overlooked in the media, even when producers set out to showcase the importance of small businesses.​

I wanted to change that narrative.

Small businesses make a BIG investment, especially in a small community."

- Natalie Hodge


Hometown Hustle Guide

Entrepreneur Workbook

Hometown Hu$tle Guide: Simple Tips for Entrepreneurial Success provides readers with tangible and accessible information to launch or re-launch a small business.


Do you need funding, a support network or even a business plan? This guide will help you in every step of the process to building your small business dream.

The Hustle Inspiration logs found at the end of each chapter help readers develop a customized blueprint for their small business enterprise. The activities, entertaining examples and engaging storytelling make this a book anyone can learn from and enjoy.

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On The Spot

Community Interview Series

Rudy's Girl Media brings you On The Spot, where community members give one answer to one question in under one minute, followed by a personal interview. The results are heart-warming, funny, and insightful... and we love that we can bring individual voices to the greater community.


Stolen Crowns

Short Film

Stolen Crowns was created to inspire conversation about the impact of domestic violence on families and communities.  The producers look forward to bringing this powerful project to schools, organizations and businesses invested in heightening awareness and connecting to resources.

Virtual and in-person sessions are available and can be customized to meet each group's individual needs.


Contact Executive Producer Charika Carter at to book a screening or training.

Stolen Crowns.jpg


Short Film

Sell tells the story of Demetrius, a former drug dealer who struggles to make ends meet in a world where he can no longer hustle. An unlikely partnership with an entrepreneur on the brink of disaster presents the pair with an opportunity to thrive. The short film tells a tale all too common and shines light on issues related to re-entry and the current economic climate.

sell release date poster.jpg

Whether you left your job, your job left you or you sense a transition in the near future, From Unemployed to Unstoppable: A 30-Day Transformation Guide will help you make sense of career confusion and chaos. Ever said, “there has to be something more for me in life than this?” If so, start the 30-day journey today to find what more really is. Writer, entrepreneur and leadership coach Natalie K. Hodge provides readers with an accessible process based on actual workforce development and career coaching experience. Natalie’s light-hearted approach helps individuals at every phase of their career exploration journey tackle transition anxiety and discover joy. Daily exercises keep procrastinators and those easily distracted plugged in to a month-long system that produces results!

unemployed to unstoppable.jpg

From Unemployed to Unstoppable: A 30-Day Transformation Guide

Personal and Professional Development Book


Poetry Book

This colorful collection of original poetry entices readers to embark on a rhythmic journey through life's triumphs and travails. In her stylistically unique offering, Natalie passionately delivers universal tales of personal evolution, loss, heartache and love. Though the topics are familiar, Natalie's distinct poetic voice inspires readers to examine these sometimes-emotional moments with new perspective.



Web Series

About That Life is a TV series set in NYC, where a diverse group of young urbanites entrenched in the glamorous, upscale & gritty New York City nightlife end up under the same roof.

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